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NYBA COVID-19 Information

Please use an abundance of caution.  If any participants are not feeling 100% healthy, have them stay home!

On April 15, 2021 MYAS, MBL and MN Softball released their Safe Play: Back to the Diamond Plan with recommendations based on  conversations and guidance from MDH and the CDC.  Based on this, we have created our NYBA COVID-19 Guidelines and Preparedness Plan to align with these recommendations.

It goes without saying that there will likely be changes to these policies based on any additional guidelines and/or updates. The NYBA Board will be sure to update this page  and communicate any changes throughout the season.

As a Board, we are committed to making the safest possible environment for our participants and spectators. Despite our best efforts (as acknowledged in pre-season waivers) there is inherent risk.  We appreciate and require the help/cooperation of NYBA Patrons and Employees to follow all recommendations and guidelines that are set out to make this season as successful as possible for everyone!


Updated 5/11/21:

In accordance with Governor Walz's May 6 announcement ending masking requirements for outdoor events on May 7, 2021 and the MBL update to their Back to the Diamond Plan the NYBA will also be updating their masking guidelines and recommendations.  As of this date, masking is strongly suggested when social distancing can not be maintained but it is no longer required for participants to wear a mask during outdoor NYBA events and/or activities.  We know situations can differ from family to family and so we encourage you to follow the practices that are best for your family situation and comfort level. 

Preparedness Plan & Guidelines

updated 5/11/21

NYBA COVID-19 Reporting Form

Please use this form linked below to report any instance of being named a close contact or receiving a positive test result.

NYBA COVID-19 Reporting Form


MDH COVID-19 Decision Tree

Guidance for those with COVID-19 symptoms and deemed close contacts on how to proceed with quarantines and testing.

Safe Play: Back to the Diamond Plan

Recommendations by MYAS on return to play in conjunction with Metro Baseball League and MN Softball. updated 5/7/21

Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies

NYBA will provide some cleaning and disinfecting items to be used during practices and games as Sechler par.

  • A disinfectant solution to be used on dugout surfaces before practices and games will be available and replenished on a regular basis for use of coaches and field staff;
  • Hand sanitizer will be supplied for each bench;
  • Parents are encouraged to send extra hand sanitizer with their player for individual use;
  • Dugouts shall not be used during practice;
  • Sanitizing of the balls in between innings for Travel and Minors League games will be done in accordance with the MYAS Back to the Diamond plan;
  • During scheduled game times, restrooms will remain open with hand sanitizer and/or soap for hand washing;