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Baseball Fields

Northfield is fortunate to have excellent baseball fields for our youth baseball players.  Home games for Northfield Youth Baseball Association games are mainly played at Sechler Park in Northfield.  

At the NYBA we strive to keep the fields in as good a condition as possible to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all NYBA players. 

With your help, we can keep the fields well maintained and ready for many more players to enjoy the great game of baseball.  

If you have any questions regarding the condition of the fields or proper maintenance procedures, please refer to the Coach and Player field maintenance expectation document or contact a NYBA Board member.

Field Availability

In an attempt to manage the use of Sechler Park more efficiently, we are planning to work together and reserve fields for practices during the regular 2018 season, (once the park is open). By using an online fill-in form (link below), you may block times that meet the follow conditions:

  • Do not interfere with regularly scheduled games on each field
  • You are limited to blocking two (2) 90-minute practice slots on these fields per week (feel free to practice elsewhere more often)
  • Allow up to two (2) teams on a field at a time to reduce congestion
  • Use the fields best suited for your age group
    • Fields by Age
      • 10U to College City (CC)
      • 11U to College City (CC) and/or Wells Fargo (WF)
      • 12U to Wells Fargo (WF) and/or Post Brands (PB)
      • 13U to Post Brands (PB)
      • 14U and 15U to 1st National Bank (FNB)

There are other fields around Northfield that may be used for practices. Please see the map link below for field locations around Northfield. These fields may not be maintained as well as those at Sechler Park.

Northfield Baseball/Softball Field Locations

Maintenance Expectations


Coaches and players are expected to help maintain the excellent fields and facilities at Sechler Park in Northfield.  Please see the document below for information on the expectations of Coaches and Players with regards to field maintenance at the Park.

Sechler Park Parking. Please avoid parking on the North side of the walking path on the grass. This is the property of the railroad. Please see the map below for acceptable parking areas in Sechler Park.

Sechler Overflow Parking

Acceptable overflow parking areas at Sechler Park when main lot is full.