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DIBS - Frequently Asked Questions

By NYBA, 02/05/18, 8:00AM CST


We have adopted the Dibs program beginning in 2018

What is the requirement?

Each family is required to complete 4 credits per child.  There is a max of 8 credits required per families with more than one child.

If not completed families will receive a charge of $100 at the end of the season if no credits are fulfilled or $25 per missing credit.

DIBS is intended to get families involved (not to collect extra fees)!  The NYBA is a 100% volunteer organization and it's vital to the success of the program that we get help from all of our members!

Who is NOT required to complete DIBS hours?

1) First year families - If your child is playing ball for the first time this year we would like to welcome you and give you a year to learn about the program and how it works. We welcome your help in years to come :)

2) Coaches - whether you coach one of your children, or multiple, your family hours are covered if you are a rostered coach on any team and have completed the Trusted Coaches certification course. Thank you for coaching!

3) Board members - Many hours of meetings and time goes into the program each year which covers the board members dibs hours.

4) Travel team managers will be given their DIBS credit by fulfilling that role.

Credits vs. Hours -

Dibs progress is measured by the CREDITS you receive for each task. These credits do not always line up with the amount of time spent. So take a look at the number of credits association with the job you choose to determine what is needed for you to complete your time.

Where do I sign up?

At the top of the home page in the heading bar, to the far right (sometimes under the MORE + tab if your internet window is smaller) there is a DIBS tab or listed last in the drop down on your mobile devise. If you are signed in to your sportsengine account it should display a season for EACH of your players. Click on 2019 NYBA Season to get a list of all jobs by date. Credits will be assigned to the child who's season you click on. So if you have more than one child make sure to select jobs from each of their season links. As you complete hours this is also where you can track your progress.

What are the jobs?

Concessions - working in the concession stand selling items such hot dogs, pizza, drinks, candy, etc. Handling money and making change. Field supervisors will help is start up and shut down of the stand.

Minors scoreboard operator - run the scoreboard for Minors League games. 

This is a great job for a parent who has a child playing or a fun option for a parent of a younger child who might like to come watch some of the older kids play. Get your credits done while you watch!

Field Set Up/Take Down - These are listed as separate tasks. Field supervisors will be on hand to guide you.  Field Set up- can include things such as putting in bases, putting equipment (helmets/catchers gear) in dugouts, removing tarps, painting lines, raking fields, pitching machine set up, etc.  Field Take down- would include raking the fields, putting tarps down and putting equipment away.  

Again, these are great roles for parents who are bringing their child out to the field to play or picking them up anyway, just come a little early and lend a hand!

Rookies Skills - tasks will include sign in and station help during the Rookies skills competition on Thursday, June 27th 

Minors Home Run Derby - tasks will include sign in, field set up, pitching machine operator, catcher, dug out supervisors, field supervisors, etc during the HR Derby on Wednesday, June 26th 

Raider Classic Tournament - help with various duties such as fields, concessions, scoreboards, etc during the course of the Travel Tournament the weekend of June 21-23

In-House Classic Tournament - help with various duties such as fields, concessions, scoreboards, etc during the course of the In-House Tournament the weekend of July 26-28

Travel Teams listed individually in filters - items specifically related to those teams such as Game Changer, field set up for games, etc. as needed.  These items will be posted as they arise.